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What Does It Mean Of Reduced Engine Power Warning?

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An illuminated reduced engine power light is bound to worry any car owner. It is an indication that there has been an engine power reduction in the car. There are multiple factors that can impact the car engine’s ability to function efficiently.

Due to the advancement in technology, nowadays, cars are able to trigger a light that indicates the engine power is reduced. More often than not it is a result of normal wear or tears. However, in a few cases, it could be an indication of a serious system failure. In any case, low engine power is not something that any car owner should turn a blind eye to.

This light shows up on the dashboard, and many people often confuse it with the check engine light. However, both these lights indicate very different reasons. Experts urge drivers to seek immediate help if the car’s engine power reduced light gets illuminated. In today’s post, we’re shedding light on this common yet serious cause of concern among car owners. Read on further as we delve deeper into it.

What Does Engine Power is Reduced Mean?

The computer fixed in your car is referred to as an Electronic Control Unit. If the system detects a fault with your car, it illuminates the reduced engine power light. By doing so, the system reduces the car’s performance in order to protect the engine from further damage. This is different from the check engine light.

What Causes Reduced Engine Power?

Here is a list of factors that may cause the reduced engine power light to come on. From problems with the cooling system to issues in the catalytic converter, a wide array of problems can cause this light to illuminate.

1. Failing Throttle Body

In case of a bad or failing throttle body, your car may start showing the engine power reduced light. The throttle body plays a crucial role in maintaining a balance between air and fuel in the vehicle. At times, dirt may get accumulated in the throttle body, or it may start to experience wear and tear. In such cases, the car will start indicating by lowering the engine’s power.

2. Faulty Engine Control Unit

The engine control unit is an integral part of the car. This unit is responsible for the optimal performance of the car’s engine. In case there is damage in this unit, then your car may start showing low engine power light.

3. Clogged Catalytic Converter

The clogging of the catalytic converter can also cause the reduced engine power light to illuminate. It is an emission control device that performs a myriad of crucial tasks, such as eliminating toxic gasses from the vehicle. A clogged catalytic converter can have a negative impact on the car engine’s overall performance.

4. Cooling System Issues

In case of reduced engine power GMC vehicle owners can try checking the cooling system. Few vehicles are designed to show engine power reduced light if the car overheats. This phenomenon can make that warning light to come on.

5. Loose or Damaged Wires

Another common yet widely ignored cause of reduce engine power light to illuminate is faulty circuits. Loose or damaged wires in the car may trigger this light to turn on. Certain systems in the car may start to malfunction if there is any problem with the circuits, thereby, forcing the car to reduce its’ engine’s power.

6. Problem with the Oxygen Sensors

The O2 sensor in the car monitors the oxygen levels and ensures proper combustion. However, a problem with the oxygen sensor may lead to a variety of issues and cause the light indicating engine power is reduced to turn on.

How To Reset Reduced Engine Power Light?

If you’re wondering how to bypass reduced engine power, then do read on. Here we’re sharing two ways in which car owners can try to reset this light and fix the underlying issue.

1. Look for Trouble Codes

Cars tend to display trouble codes on the dash. Users can check these codes to determine the cause behind the illumination of the engine power is reduced light. Different car models have a different set of trouble codes. For instance, in order to check reduced engine power Chevy Silverado users should check the manual that came with the kit. While some of the codes remain the same across all car models, a few may vary.

2. Check Technical Service Bulletin

The technical service bulletin is something that is shared by the brand. This bulletin contains a plethora of info about the car and the many ways in which users can find a step-by-step guide to repair certain faults. Many seasoned car owners prefer using the bulletin to repair issues that do not require an expert skill.

Is it safe to drive when the engine power reduced light is on?

Whenever your car displays engine power reduced light, then it often indicates towards an underlying issue. In terms of severity, the issue could be mild or serious. In any case, it is crucial to address this concern immediately.

If you’re someone who possesses a lot of knowledge and is skilled with cars, then you can try to determine the underlying cause and fix the car on your own. However, if you like most people do not know much about cars, then it is highly recommended to seek expert advice to tackle this issue. Head to the nearest repair shop or check with a mechanic to find out more about this issue.

Concluding Remarks

The reduce engine power light is an indication that something somewhere is not functioning optimally. Due to the malfunctioning of a system, the car is forced to reduce the power of its engine to safeguard it from any further damage. A variety of factors like oxygen sensor problems or throttle body issues may force the car to trigger this light. Ignoring or delaying the repair to fix the underlying cause may put a strain on your car’s engine and cause irreparable damage.

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