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What Brands are Still Offerings Manual Transmission Cars?

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In case you’re perusing this site, odds are you’re somewhat of a gearhead. Furthermore, out of the blue, gear heads will in general like manual transmissions. In spite of ongoing headways in programmed ‘boxes, some of which can rip off a 0-100km/h run quicker than a human changing gears physically, a decent a large number of us hold quick to the conviction that a stickshift gives an all the more including driving experience. We are directly in our statement, obviously.

Best Manual Transmission Cars

Mazda MX-5/Fiat 124 Spider

Perfectionists will doubtlessly yell that we have pressed both of these delicious convertibles together into a solitary passage. It is genuine they have various motors and dissimilar characters however they share a stage and are conceived from similar standards – also a similar mechanical production system. In a Birdbox-style contort, the 124 uses the MX-5’s old manual gearbox however both are a delight to drive.

Honda Civic

Not exclusively is the admired Civic offered in three distinctive bodystyles – car, car, and hatchback – however a manual used transmission for sale is accessible in every one of them! Indeed, both the least expensive Civic and generally costly at a bargain in 2019, individually a DX and Type R incubate, must be had with a stick. Exceptional little vehicles with a manual? Include us.

Honda Accord

There aren’t such a large number of huge cars left in Canada accessible with a manual used transmission for sale, not to mention offering it with a selection of motors. The 2019 Accord’s stickshift can be combined with either the 1.5L or 2.0L plants, the last siphoning out a hearty 252 pull. Also, you’ll spare $1300 over a proportionally prepared programmed Accord.

Honda Fit

For 2019, no less than three models of Honda’s most diminutive hatchback offer a manual used transmission for sale. Base DX, mid-level LX, and zooty Sport manages all allow drivers to push their own pinion wheels. Those six paces mix a 1.5L pot making 130 drives while delicately tasting fuel.

Chevrolet Trax

You know how it is reputed there is a mystery menu at McDonald’s from which just a limited handful can arrange? In the event that this Chevy was a burger, it’d be at the highest point of that mystery list. It is in fact conceivable to arrange a 2019 Trax in Canada with a six-speed manual transmission, if you fly for a front-wheel drive LS in white or silver. Remember to request an additional burger patty.

Volkswagen Golf

All variations of the Golf, including the SportWagen and high(er) riding all-wheel drive Alltrack, are benevolently accessible with a six-speed manual transmission. The last is an interesting suggestion, also furnished carts with three pedals and force going to each of the four wheels is extraordinariness nowadays.

Volkswagen Jetta

Long a top choice of customers searching for Germanic style in a little vehicle, the new Jetta has been restyled to look like a lesser Audi, both all around. A six-speed manual transmission is accessible on every one of the three trims, from Comfortline to Execline, the last of which incorporates an immense screen for its instrument group called Digital Cockpit. Audi-like, in reality.

Passage Mustang

Regardless of whether you pick the EcoBoost, brawny GT, or one of the Shelby models, Ford keeps the Mustang consistent with its underlying foundations by introducing a manual transmission as standard hardware in each and every model. The GT’s stick even incorporates fire up coordinating innovation, permitting your travelers to accept that you can heel-and-toe like Fangio.

Chevy Camaro

There is one manner by which the Camaro outmaneuvers the Mustang, and that is with motor check. The Chevy offers a 4-chamber, six-pot, and two 6.2L V8s – which are all accessible with a manual transmission. In case you’re searching for something that will acquire gobs of cash at Barrett-Jackson thirty years, search out a convertible with the stick as slushbox droptops are considerably more typical.


A V8 is the cost of admission to Club Manual in this vehicle. The R/T is the least expensive Challenger accessible with a Hemi and, and still, at the end of the day, it’ll cost an extra $1000 to fit one with a six-speed Tremec. One can even get a stick in the omnipotent Hellcat. Those back tires don’t have a potential for success.

BMW 2-Series

It has been contended that the 2er from BMW is the genuine replacement to the old 3-Series so numerous gearheads hold dear to their Recaro-molded hearts. Both the 230i and M240i variations are accessible with a six-speed standard, just like the M, obligingly shaving $1600 off the retail cost.

BMW 4-Series/M4

For 2019, two entryways clearly implies more fun at BMW, as the 4-Series roadster may likewise be specced with a manual transmission. Indeed, even all-wheel drive models with an ‘x’ annexed to their trunk lid can be worked with three pedals, if you fly for the 320hp 440i form. The M’s accessible with a stick too, obviously.

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