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Manual vs Automatic Car Transmissions: Pros and Cons

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Are you planning to buy a brand-new car but unsure whether you should go for an automatic or manual one? Then, do read on as we help you decide which is the best option.

In today’s time and age, automatic car transmission is highly popular. People living in big cities prefer investing in this type of car. However, there is no denying the fact that manual car transmission continues to have a cult following.

Budget and brand are two of the most important factors that people take into consideration while buying a car. However, the type of transmission the car has is an equally important point that you should not turn a blind eye to.

The transmission is an important part that allows your car to move at different speeds. It comes in two designs, and the task of picking one can prove to be quite daunting for any first-time car buyer.

How is a manual car transmission different from an automatic one? What sets these two apart? These are some of the pressing questions we set out to answer in today’s post.

Manual Car Transmissions

Despite the technological advances in the automobile industry, there are many drivers who prefer cars with manual transmission. As the name suggests, this mechanism involves a driver manually selecting the gear. With this design, the person has to make use of the clutch and operate the stick to change from one gear to another.


Cost-Effective – Want a budget-friendly car that does not cost you an arm and a leg? A manual car transmission is cost-effective. It does not cost as much as an automatic car. Unlike automatic cars, a manual car transmission uses a less complex mechanism. Additionally, it is low maintenance, thereby ensuring that you do not end up spending all your money on the vehicle.

Fuel Efficiency – Cars boasting manual transmission are fuel-efficient. As with this design, the driver gets to pick from a number of gears, he or she can save up on gas. In the long term, fuel efficiency plays out to be an important factor.

Easy to Control – One of the most attractive things about using a manual car transmission is that it gives the driver full control of the vehicle. With this type of vehicle, the driver makes the decision and chooses which gear to drive in. This particular aspect of a manual car transmission sets it apart from an automatic one. As in the latter, the machine decides which gear the car should be in depending on a variety of factors.


Complex driving – A car fitted with a manual transmission can be quite complex. Everyone from learners to seasoned drivers may find it difficult as it requires one to change the gear. Due to the complexity involved in driving a car with this design, more people are switching to automatic vehicles that are easy to learn and drive.

Not ideal for heavy traffic – Manual car transmission is not easy to drive, thereby making it a difficult vehicle for roads with heavy traffic. Unlike automatic car transmission, a manual design makes the driver shift gears. This can be extremely cumbersome when driving in traffic. That is one of the primary reasons why city residents prefer automatic cars rather than the ones that come equipped with manual transmission.

Automatic Car Transmissions

The automatic car transmission allows the car’s gearbox to switch between gears without the driver using the stick or clutch. The self-changing feature of an automatic car transmission makes it a worthwhile investment. With this design, the driver does not have to go through the trouble of changing gears manually. The relaxed design of this type of car is the reason why a majority of automobile customers prefer an automatic car over the manual one.


Perfect for heavy traffic – City roads are packed with heavy traffic that moves at a snail’s pace and can be exhausting to drive in. However, an automatic car transmission can help you make your way through heavy traffic without losing your patience. The car switches gears as per the speed at which the traffic is moving and allows you to drive without any headache.

Easy to learn and drive – Perhaps, the biggest reason why drivers all over the world invest in automatic cars is that it is extremely easy to drive. Whether you’re a long-time driver or a learner, using a car with an automatic transmission can take away the stress from driving. You can sit and enjoy the ride while the gearbox changes the gear as per the road and traffic.


Expensive – The complex design of an automatic car makes it expensive. When compared to a manual car, an automatic one can be extremely pricey. The starting range of automatic cars is quite high. That is why customers looking for a pocket-friendly option often end up buying a car with manual transmission.

High Maintenance – Aside from being costly, an automatic car also requires high maintenance. The cost and frequency of servicing and repair this type of car requires is more than that of manual cars.

An important thing to keep in mind is that in many countries, if an individual takes a driving test on an automatic car, then they’re not allowed to drive a manual car transmission.

Wrapping Up

Those who’re planning to get a new car should take the above-stated points into consideration to make an informed decision that suits their budget and lifestyle. For city residents with a high budget, an automatic car transmission is the best choice. Meanwhile, for someone living in a small town looking for a cost-effective car, the manual car transmission is the ideal pick.

In case you want to change the transmission for your car to improve its performance, consider replacing the transmission. You can buy used car transmission in the USA at the best prices. Replace the existing transmission with a tested used one and enhance the car’s overall performance and enjoy smooth driving.

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