Ford is the pride of the American automobile industry which has been actively selling quality cars to the American people since 1903. At SiriAutoParts you can get OEM Ford car Transmission for all popular models from 1990 to 2020. We can get you a decent working used Ford transmission for sale in Detroit, Miami, Huston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Seattle, New York, Colorado, Los Angeles, and many other cities in the United States. The manual and automatic Ford transmissions for sale are tested for delayed engagement, fluid leaks, and metal shavings in the transmission oil before shipping it to you. We help you find a used transmission for sale that spans across all popular Ford models such as Mustang, Explorer, Escape, Expedition, Edge, etc.



Buy a used transmission from us to rebuild your car from scratch.


Quality Ford Transmission

From the popular AF40 transmission to the E40D transmission, we can provide a quality used Ford transmission for sale. As a leading online used auto part seller, we have served thousands of customers since 2002. We target all major states such as Michigan, Florida, New York, California, Texas, Arizona, Washington, Ohio where we provide used OEM transmission for Ford cars.

Certified Ford Transmissions

The in-house team of engineers at SiriAutoParts is tasked with testing and certifying the Ford transmissions before shipping it to you. This team checks the ford transmissions for metal shavings, oil leaks, delayed engagement, rough shifting, etc which ensures the quality of the transmission. If any issues arise in the transmission, we make sure to solve them at the earliest.

Our Happy Ford Owners

SiriAutoParts has actively provided the best Ford car transmissions to customers over the years. These transmissions are tested and certified by a qualified team of mechanics. This helps our customers to drive an amazing Ford car for a long time without any issues. Decades of services have allowed us to provide used transmissions for an affordable price.

Popular Ford Models

You can buy used Ford transmissions online for all popular Ford models such as Fairmont, Focus, Ranger, Truck-F150, Truck-F250, Truck-F350, Truck-F450, Van, and many others. We can locate the best Ford car transmission from the junkyards all across the USA. You can buy Ford’s manual and automatic transmissions for all the models spanning from 1990 to 2020.

frequently asked questions

There is a form at the top where you can enter the make and model of your Ford car along with your contact details. Our executives will contact you within 24 hours with a transmission that will be a perfect fit for your car.

We have a long contact list of junkyards across the country which helps us provide OEM Ford manual and automatic transmission for sale that includes Ford Focus, Fairmont, Edge, Expedition, Escape, Explorer, Mustang, and many more.

We can help you get a used Ford transmission for sale in San Francisco, Boston, Austin, Dallas, Phoenix, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Jacksonville, and many other cities in the USA.

The Ford transmissions are brought to our service station and are passed through a series of tests that check for metal shaving in the transmission fluid, oil leaks, delayed engagement, and other factors that determine the quality of the transmission.

We have the shortest response time to any given query. You can buy Ford manual transmissions or Ford automatic transmission at the best price which can eventually add value to your car.

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SiriAutoParts is a leading auto part seller in the United States of America. We provide used Ford transmissions for sale in Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, Colorado, Alabama, Virginia, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Minnesota, and many other states of the USA. Our services can help you save time and money where we find a used transmission for your Ford car. While we focus on finding you a used Ford transmission, you can focus on other pressing issues of your car. We give the best OEM transmission at an affordable price that can add value to your car and will be worth your investment. All the transmission that we provide goes through a series of elaborate inspections and tests to ensure the quality of the transmission.

The transmissions are tested and certified by our in-house team of mechanics who are experts in Ford cars. We check the transmission for oil leaks, delayed engagement, rough shifting, metal shavings in the transmission fluids, before shipping it to your home, business, or mechanic’s shop. We provide you with tested and certified transmissions for your Ford car rebuilding project. You can buy manual and automatic transmission for your Ford car that will keep your car running smoothly for a long time.

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